Welcome to my journey of self-discovery and transformation through the healing power of somatic bodywork. I offer a safe space for individuals and couples to explore the depths of their bodies, minds, and spirits.

As a somatic bodyworker and massage therapist, I am dedicated to helping you realign your body and soul, assisting you in feeling more connected to your inner self. Somatic bodywork is a trauma-informed practice that releases tension, rediscovers your body’s wisdom, and promotes holistic well-being.

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Somatic Bodywork

Experience the profound benefits of Somatic Bodywork, a unique approach to releasing physical and emotional tension, promoting relaxation, and nurturing your inner vitality. Through conversation, uni-directional gentle touch and mindful awareness, my sessions will help you reconnect with your body and its wisdom.


Couples Coaching

In addition to my individual sessions, I also offer Couples Coaching for Intimacy, designed to deepen the connection and intimacy between partners. These sessions provide tools and insights to enhance your relationship and create a more fulfilling and harmonious partnership


Tantric Massages

Dive into the ancient wisdom of Tantra. Experience loving presence and discover a world of pleasure, intimacy, and profound spiritual connection. My tantric massages are designed to awaken your senses, unlock your potential for pleasure, and foster a deeper connection to yourself. In a safe way with uni-directional touch.

Sexological Bodywork – starting in 2024 as part of my training

Sexological bodywork aims to support individuals and couples in expanding and evolving their erotic being. It’s a unique combination of conversation, coaching, and unidirectional touch, completely client-led and trauma-informed.

This transformative approach helps you explore and develop the ability to feel pleasure and can also include scar tissue remediation for resolving numbness of tissues.

Currently I am in training as a
Certified Sexological Bodyworker at the Institute of Relational Harmony Studies. I have planned to finish my training mid 2024.

As a part of the final stages of my certification process, I will be conducting sexological bodywork sessions with clients. To mark this milestone in my journey, I am excited to offer these sessions at a special introductory price.

These unique sessions will become available starting in January 2024, providing you with an opportunity to experience the benefits of sexological bodywork while contributing to my ongoing growth and learning in this field. It’s a limited-time offer to explore the transformative potential of this practice at an accessible rate.

I look forward to embarking on this exciting phase of my journey with you, and I’m committed to creating a safe, respectful, and enriching experience for all clients.

If you are interested in having some of these spots, please contact me!

Events and Workshops

Together with Jana Zappe, I offer a variety of events and workshops centered around the topics of touch, consentwork, and the art of relating. My programs are designed to enrich your understanding of human connection, empower your communication skills, and deepen your relationships.

I am passionate about helping you create a life filled with intimacy & authenticity and pleasure.

You can find our offerings at https://thenatureoftouch.com

My Vision

is to create a world where individuals can embrace their sexuality, express their desires, and engage in conscious, fulfilling relationships. I believe that through somatic bodywork, tantric massages, sexological bodywork, and couples coaching for intimacy, I can help you unlock your inner potential and live a life that is rich in intimacy, pleasure, and connection.

About me

I am a dedicated practitioner and facilitator with a mission to support individuals and couples in their quest for self-discovery, self-acceptance, and profound connection. With years of experience in tantric massage, coaching skills and and a deep understanding of the human body and soul, I am committed to offering safe, inclusive, and transformative experiences for my clients.

Until 2024 I am diving deeper and gaining so much more knowledge in a training as a certified sexological bodyworker at the relationalharmony.institute.

With my family i am based at the beautiful Algarve, Portugal. I offer my skills via online coachings worldwide and with in-person sessions close to Lagos, Portugal.

Join me

I invite you to join me in one of my upcoming events, workshops, or personal sessions.

Whether you’re looking to explore the nature of touch, practice consentwork, or delve into the depths of tantric experiences, I am here to guide and support you on your journey towards greater self-awareness and authentic relationships.

I look forward to accompanying you on this exciting and transformative path of self-discovery and conscious relating