Couples Coaching for intimacy

At my center, I understand that relationships can be both beautiful and complex. Couples coaching is a specialized offering designed to help partners navigate the intricate landscape of intimacy and connection. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your bond, address specific challenges, or deepen your overall connection, my couples coaching can provide valuable insights and tools.

What Couples Coaching can address:

Couples coaching is a tailored experience that can help with various aspects of your relationship, including:

  • Understanding Your Desires: One of the fundamental aspects of couples coaching is exploring what you and your partner truly like or dislike. By delving into your desires, you can create a more fulfilling and harmonious connection.
  • Effective Communication: Communication is key in any relationship. My coaching sessions will empower you to communicate your desires and boundaries more effectively, leading to a deeper understanding and connection with your partner.
  • Non-Intentional Touch: Often, we fall into patterns of touch that may not serve the relationship. I can help you identify and disrupt these patterns, allowing you to rekindle the spontaneity and passion in your interactions.
  • Moving Beyond Assumptions: Assumptions can create misunderstandings in a relationship. My coaching sessions guide you in avoiding making assumptions and encourage open dialogue, leading to more authentic and fulfilling connections.
  • And Much More: Every couple is unique, and I tailor my coaching sessions to address your specific needs and challenges. Whether you’re facing issues with trust, intimacy, or any other aspect of your relationship, I am here to help you navigate them with empathy and expertise.

My approach to couples coaching is rooted in fostering a safe and non-judgmental space where you and your partner can explore, learn, and grow together.

I combine my expertise in somatic bodywork & tantric attitude to provide you with valuable tools and insights that can enhance your relationship and create a more intimate and vivid partnership.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and conscious relating as a couple, I invite you to explore my couples coaching services.

I offer in-person coaching at the Algarve, Portugal or Online-Sessions via Zoom.

Together, we can strengthen your connection, address challenges, and foster a deeper, more loving relationship.

Contact me to schedule a session or learn more about how couples coaching can benefit you and your partner.

About me

I am married and partnered in a long term relationship, that is actually polygamish. This means we both are fromt time to time also exploring, playing and learning with others – and this contributes to our dedicated relationship.

I am father of three kids (the oldest one of them from first marriage) – and living with my partner and kids at the Algarve close to Lagos.