Feel safe

Why feeling safe
in your body matters

The critical importance of feeling safe during bodywork is deeply rooted in the intricate workings of the human nervous system. To understand why safety is paramount, bodyworkers delve into how your nervous system responds to touch, a key element in creating an environment that encourages relaxation and healing.

We emphasize the significance of feeling safe to prevent retraumatization and emotional triggering. Informed by this understanding, we are well-equipped to foster an environment where you can explore and heal from a place of trust and security – and to hold space for you what ever comes up.

What I do to ensure your safety

My approach to ensuring you feeling safe is comprehensive and deeply professional, driven by the highest standards and informed by extensive knowledge:

  • Consent is key: Central to our journey together is the principle of Consentwork, grounded in Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent. This approach places a premium on your autonomy and choice, offering a safe space to explore your boundaries and desires with respect and dignity.

  • Empowering you: I am fully committed to the responsible use of power. You are in control, setting the pace and boundaries to ensure you feel safe and empowered throughout. And I feel 150% responsible for you and your development!

  • Trauma-informed practice: My approach is deeply rooted in a trauma-informed perspective that recognises the potential impact of trauma on the body and understands how traumatic experiences are stored in the cells. This enables me to provide sessions that actively prevent retraumatization and support your healing process. Working from well ressourced places.

  • Client-led approach: Shifting from a traditional treatment model to a coaching model, you take the lead. Your choices and decisions guide our sessions, ensuring that you are in control and have the power of choice.

  • All touch is uni-directional: When touching happens during sessions, it is always clear, full of presence and from a place of integration. they only happen with consent – and only in one direction. No confusion. No grey areas. In Somatic Bodywork and Sexological Bodywork, the practitioner (me) is always clothed.

  • Respect for your experience: I approach each session without assumptions or preconceived notions, allowing for a personalized, unique experience tailored to your specific needs and desires. Together we define the learning objectives for each session.

  • Code of ethics: I strictly adhere – even I am still in training – already to the code of ethics set by the Association of Certified Sexological Bodyworkers (ACSB). This code is a steadfast guide, ensuring our sessions meet the highest ethical standards and a deep commitment to your well-being.

Respecting your privacy

Respecting your privacy and boundaries is integral to our work together. My professional boundary statement reinforces this commitment, and you can review it here.

It underscores my dedication to maintaining professional boundaries and respecting your privacy as a bodyworker and certified sexological bodyworker in training.

I am acutely aware of the importance of providing a space where you can explore, heal, and grow without fear or apprehension. If you have any questions or concerns regarding safety or privacy, please feel free to reach out.

My commitment to professionalism, compassion, and your well-being is unwavering, and I am here to support your journey with the utmost dedication.

Please note that while tantra massages are a separate modality from somatic and sexological bodywork, they adhere to their own high standards of safety and seriousness.